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What You Shouldn’t Power Wash

Items You Shouldn’t Clean with a Power Washer

What You Can Power Wash

If you have a power washer, you might be tempted to put it to the test and clean everything you can using the useful tool. And it can pack quite the cleaning power, using PSIs of 1,300 to 2,800 depending on the model to get rid of tough stains and messes. While effective, this high PSI means a power washer isn’t the right tool for every cleaning project. Learn what things around the outside of your home you shouldn’t power wash to keep your property safe.

What You Shouldn’t Power Wash

The high PSI of power washers can cause severe damage to fragile items, resulting in cracks, splinters, and even more severe issues. You shouldn’t power wash:

  • Wood siding. In addition to causing splinters in the wood if used incorrectly, the water stream can get under the siding and cause damage to the insulation and electric wiring inside.
  • Asphalt shingles. If a severe rain or hail storm can cause damage to your roof, it’s no wonder a pressure washer can, too. The water pressure can strip away the granules that protect your roof, leading to leaks. Plus, it’s dangerous to use a power washer in high places because the powerful recoil can throw you off balance.
  • Old bricks. While bricks are considered durable building materials, any loose bricks or cracked mortar will easily crumble under the high pressure of a power washer.
  • Painted surfaces. Many people use power washers to strip paint from decks and siding to make it easier to repaint or stain. A power washer is not the right tool if you just want to clean the painted surface, not strip it completely.

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