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DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solution

Five Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Do your hardwood floors need a good cleaning? You don’t need to run out to the store and buy an expensive cleaning product. You probably have all the ingredients you need to make a safe DIY hardwood floor cleaning solution.

DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solution

Like many DIY cleaning solutions, vinegar is the base of your hardwood floor cleaner. Your most basic option is a 1:1 vinegar and water mixture. Try these variations:

  • Essential oils: Vinegar does have a distinct smell when wet, but it does dry scentless. If you’d like your floor to smell like it was just cleaned, add a couple of drops of essential oil to your cleaning solution.
  • Vegetable oil: If your hardwood manufacturer recommends against using water in any amount to clean your floor, you can make your solution with vegetable oil instead.
  • Plant-based liquid soap: For an extra sticky mess, add liquid soap to your vinegar and mixture. This will help clean the especially grimy areas.

Put your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray a minimal amount on your floor. Mop as usual or use a white cleaning rag for extra tough spots.

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