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Liven Up Your Living Room

Quickly Clean from Ceiling to Floor

The living room is designed to be the center for gathering in the home. Not only does this mean it needs comfy places to lounge, but it also means more dust and dirt collects in high-traffic areas. Use the following checklists to help you focus while cleaning your living room before any guests arrive or once they leave. Then take note of the tasks to quickly tidy up to keep the room fresh and lively.

Cleaning Your Living Room Checklist

Anytime you’re preparing to clean your home, it’s easiest to go room by room. With one area to focus on, you can then concentrate on breaking down the sections of the room for a more efficient clean. Here are some of the main components of the living room that need attention:

  • Blinds. Remove dust with a vacuum or microfiber cloth.
  • Ceiling fan. Wipe each blade off inside a pillowcase to trap dust.
  • Walls and baseboards. Dust and remove scuff marks.
  • Upholstered furniture. Immediately remove stains and vacuum cushions, getting into the crevices to capture crumbs and other lost items.
  • Other furniture. Quickly capture dirt between decor with a feather duster.
  • TV and media. Make sure the equipment is off and cool before cleaning. Don’t forget the back of the device where dust can hide.
  • Floors. Vacuum hard and carpeted floors to capture all the dust and hair, not just move it around.

Done regularly, these tasks makes an annual deep clean of your living room an easier process. It also helps keep the space fresh on a daily basis. However, if you’re simply looking for a quick spruce up for when company is coming over, remember these tips:

  • Clear clutter. Use decorative storage basket to help stylishly contain the chaos.
  • Fluff pillows. Nothing instantly elevates the living room like a good pillow chop.
  • Fold throws. It’s wonderful to snuggle under, but nicely fold the blanket and place it over the couch or chair to tidy the space.
  • Straighten cushions. Lounging leads to squashing.
  • Wrangle the remotes.  Locate the remote to the many devices and organize in one spot.

It takes even less time to tidy when the regular cleaning tasks have been complete and the deep cleaning done.

Professionally Deep Clean

If you notice certain areas of your living room are in need of deep cleaning—from your floors to your furniture—there’s a way to get these tasks done efficiently as well. Contact JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care to help you clean your living room. Whether you have wood floors, an old area rug, or a well-worn couch, our team of Veterans and Military family members with treat your home with Respect. Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG for a free quote and to learn about all our services.