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Why You Should Clean Your Mattress

4 Signs it’s Time

‘Twas the week before guest arrival and all through your space, you were cleaning and scrubbing till no dirt could be traced. The guest room may be higher on your list of chores this time of year. While dusting and vacuuming the area is standard, cleaning your mattress is also important. Learn how regular maintenance can help create a more comfortable environment.

It’s Probably Time for Cleaning Your Mattress

Every night when you climb into bed and snuggle under the covers, you could be sleeping with the enemy: allergens and bacteria. Mattresses accumulate dust and sweat over time. Regular cleaning not only helps maintain a more hygienic area, but it can help improve the quality of the mattress itself. So, how do you know if it’s time to clean your mattress?

  1. It’s been more than six months. You wouldn’t wait this long to clean your room, right? Remember the dust, sweat, and dead skill cells that shed while you’re sleeping. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your mattress, it’s better late than never.
  2. Allergies. Those who suffer seasonally know all too well how tough the sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose can get. If you find yourself with these symptoms more often, it’s time to turn to your mattress and remove the dust mites, dog hair, or other allergens that may be triggering your reaction.
  3. Odors. You’ve tried washing your sheets, blankets, and even showering before bed, but still face a lingering scent in the bedroom. It could be the sweat and body oils left on the mattress.
  4. Discoloration. This is a clear sign deep cleaning is needed. Whether there’s a stain from a spill or normal wear, cleaning the mattress can help revitalize the area.

Do yourself and your guests a favor by taking the extra time to clean the mattresses around your home. Not only will it create a more hygienic space, but it could lead to a more restful sleep—no visions of dust mites dancing near your head.

Send in the Elves

We understand how busy this time of year can be, especially if you plan on welcoming guests. You don’t need to clean alone. Contact the experts at JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care to take care of cleaning your mattress as well as any other deep cleaning task on your list. Call 844-GET-JDOG for transparent pricing, respectful service…and to all a good night.