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Cleaning Your Fireplace From the Inside Out

Why it’s Important & How it’s Done

There’s a lot of attention given to fireplaces this time of year. No matter if yours is wood-burning or electric, the welcomed heat and decorative options are in high demand. Once you break from the trance of its flickering flames, consider how clean the fireplace is. When’s the last time you’ve had it professionally cleaned? If you can’t remember, it’s time for cleaning your fireplace.

Why it’s Important

Fireplace owners typically get the interior regularly cleaned to help clear the built-up creosote that can cause a fire you’re not prepared for. There’s also the occasional sweep of the leftover ashes from around the grate. There are certain signs your fireplace needs cleaning:

  1. Smoke doesn’t do straight up when a fire is lit
  2. Poor heat output
  3. You can smell burning whether there’s a fire or not

While it’s important to clean the interior of the fireplace, the exterior also needs attention no matter what material is used.

Cleaning Your Fireplace Exterior

Smoke and dust can dirty the marble, brick, stone, or other facade of your fireplace. These areas also need special cleaning. Here are some tips before you try to tackle this area.

  1. Don’t try to clean the fireplace while it’s in use.
  2. Make sure the entire area is cool to the touch.
  3. Remove any screens, doors, or other accessories from the area.
  4. Remove any leftover debris or logs from the interior.
  5. While cleaning, inspect area for any cracks or damage.
  6. Vacuum in and around any crevices.

Each type of exterior has its own specific cleaning needs.

  • Avoid using hot water on marble as it may damage the finish.
  • Try not to oversaturate stonework as it can leave watermarks.
  • Dirt and grime can easily stick to brick crevices, requiring a firm bristle brush to clean.

To help ensure the front of your fireplace is kept in top condition, call JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care for a cleaning. We specialize in soft washing, which is a gentle way to clean brick, stone, slate, and other durable materials. We utilize eco-friendly products to keep things clean in your home, community, and environment. Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG for a consultation and more information about our wide variety of cleaning services.