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Identifying Shower Grime

The Four Types of Grime Found in Your Shower

What Is the Black Stuff in My Shower?

When cleaning stains on your clothes, you know there are different treatments for different types of stains. The same goes for the grime you find in your shower. There are four main types you’ll find: hard water, mold, mildew, and soap scum. Learn about each type and how identifying the grime based on appearance can help you find the right cleaning solution.

Identifying Shower Grime

Hard Water

What It Is: Hard water has higher than normal mineral content, like calcium, limestone, and hard water deposits.

Identifying Factors: This type of shower grime appears chalky and white when evaporated, leaving your shower looking dingy. It can show up on glass shower doors, tiles, and faucets.


What It Is: Mold is a type of fungi that develops within 24-48 hours of exposure. It develops where water doesn’t have the opportunity to dry.

Identifying Factors: Mold is dark, often black or green, and is frequently found near corners, grout, and caulking.


What It Is: Mildew is a specific style of mold, specifically mold in the early stages.

Identifying Factors: You can tell mildew apart from mold because of its gray or white color. Mildew smells musky and can be found in showers and other humid areas of your home.

Soap Scum

What It Is: It appears when fatty acids, talc, and other ingredients found in soaps and shampoo mix with your hard water.

Identifying Factors: Soap scum is often white and filmy. It forms a layer of scaliness over the surfaces in your shower.

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