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Reasons Your Grout Looks Dirty

Three Common Reasons

Why Is My Grout Discolored?

One of the best parts about having tile flooring is that it’s easy to clean and care for. Simply sweep and mop regularly, and you can maintain a clean-looking home. But, after a while, you might find your tile isn’t showing as well as it normally does after a good clean. The problem might not be your tile at all but your grout that’s harboring dirt and grime. Learn the reasons your grout looks dirty so you can take preventative measures going forward.

Reasons Your Grout Looks Dirty

  • You don’t clean often enough. Because of the porous composition, messes are able to easily seep into grout. When someone walks on the floor, crumbs and sticky substances can be ground into the grout, making it difficult to sweep, vacuum, or mop clean. While tile is durable, your grout is not, so it’s important to clean up messes as soon as possible.
  • Your grout isn’t sealed. If you chose to skip sealing your grout when you had your flooring installed, your grout is more susceptible to the grime that causes discoloration because it is left unprotected. Fortunately, it’s not too late! Once you clean it to make it look like new, you can take the time to seal it to prevent discoloration going forward.
  • Your mop water is dirty. Your dirty mop water is proof your floor needed a good cleaning, but your mopping can do more harm than good if you continue to use dirty water all over the floor. If you start to notice severe water discoloration when mopping, take the time to switch out the water before finishing the room to protect your grout.

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