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Floor Cleaning Tips for Places of Worship

5 Things to Make It Easier

Floor Cleaning Tips for Places of Worship

A clean space brings members of the congregation comfort knowing they are worshipping in a safe environment. Today, we’re taking a look at floor cleaning tips for places of worship.

Floor Cleaning Tips for Places of Worship

1. Get the proper cleaning tools.

A hand-held vacuum is great to have around for small messes, but it won’t be effective for cleaning up large spaces. And that mop with disposal sheets for cleaning might not stand the test of mopping an entire chapel. Collecting the right cleaning tools will help make your job cleaning the flooring easier and faster. Consider asking if anyone has any vacuums they no longer need or if they’d like to donate a mop to help fill your supply closet.

2. Clear as much off the floor as possible.

Before pulling out your vacuum, broom, or mop, make the space as clear as possible. If possible, stack the chairs or move them to the side of the room. You will be able to clean the floors much easier if you don’t have to move things around as you go.

3. Vacuum/sweep first, then mop. 

If your congregation has hard floors like tile, linoleum, or hardwood, you should vacuum or sweep before mopping. This way you pick up all of the dust bunnies, crumbs, and dirt before spreading them around with water, making the floor appear dirty when it dries.

4. Enlist help.

Don’t try to take on the responsibility yourself! Many hands make light work. See if you can get a team to help you out after service or on a weeknight. It’s another great reason to have your supply closet stocked with extra supplies!

5. Call JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care for professional help.

You don’t need to handle the cleaning alone. The Veterans and Military family members are JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care are here to lean your flooring, whether you need help regularly or a boost every once in a while. Plus, we even offer disinfectant services that combat a variety of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19! Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a service.