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What to Do about Mud on Carpeting

How to Take Care of the Mess


Everyone has been there. You walk through the grass when it’s wet and don’t realize you’ve picked up some mud on the bottom of your shoe. You think you wipe off your boots appropriately on the mat, only to discover a trail of footprints following you into the living room. Or perhaps you have a dog who has come bouncing back into the house after romping around the backyard, and now you have muddy pawprints across your floor. What do you do to clean mud on carpeting?

How to Handle Mud on Carpeting

  1. Wait! Don’t reach for the spray first. If you add water or cleaner to the mud, you will just create more mud and ingrain it farther into the carpet. Take out any solids you can, and let the mud dry.
  2. Vacuum. Once the mud has dried, vacuum up as much as you can.
  3. Make a cleaning detergent. A simple combination of liquid hand soap and water will work. You should use about one tablespoon of hand soap with two cups of water.
  4. Work it into the carpet. Use a white cloth or a bristle brush to work your cleaning solution into the carpet. Use a paper towel to blot away muddy water as it is lifted from the carpet. Continue the process until all the mud is out.
  5. Rinse the area. Use water to rinse out the remaining soap mixture.

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