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Celebrating Memorial Day

With a Respectful Clean

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, you may be preparing for a picnic or DIY project for the long weekend and unofficial start of summer. This is the time to honor those who’s served our country proudly. It’s a mission JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care follows every day as we continue to serve our communities. What better way to commemorate the day and kick off the season than by supporting JDog’s mission with a dedicated cleaning service. Learn about some of the services we offer and call us to cater to your Memorial Day cleaning projects.

Memorial Day Cleaning Tips

Even if you’ve already refreshed your outdoor space for the spring, passing storms and nesting birds could have already done a number to a few surfaces. Clean them up before any company arrives.

  • Power wash your patio. Easily get rid of dirt and stains on your brick, block, stone, or slate surfaces with a gentle yet effective soft power washing.
  • Upholstery cleaning. Carefully clean the fabric for your outdoor furniture, boat, or car before your next adventure.
  • Outdoor kitchen tile and grout. If most of the entertaining will be alfresco until the frost returns, spruce up this space with a deep clean.

If DIY projects have left any indoor surfaces under a layer of dust, let us come help you tackle this mess. From hardwood floors to mattresses, we can help you refresh any space you don’t want to do yourself.

A Respectful Clean

As a team of Veterans and Military family members, we live and work by the ethos we learned during our time serving our country. Every time you invite us into your home or business, you can hold us to high standards and expect us to get the job done right. Call 844-GET-JDOG today for a free quote and to get the process started. Then let us spruce up your space so you can enjoy the season indoors and out.