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Celebrate Earth Day!

With an Eco-Friendly Power Wash

What better way to celebrate all Mother Nature has to offer than enjoying the great outdoors…on an impeccably clean patio. Gently remove layers of dirt and grime so your outdoor surfaces shine with an eco-friendly power wash from JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care. That’s right, you don’t even have to do the work. A quick call can lead to a season full of celebrating on a pristine porch.

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Power Wash?

Even though the exterior of your home should be durable enough to stand up to harsh elements, it deserves a delicate, yet effective bath. And one that won’t harm the surrounding area. There are different types of power washing: traditional, pressure washing, and soft washing. JDog provides soft washing, which is the safest, most gentle way to clean. It also utilizes an environmentally safe chemical solution. You wouldn’t want to clean with something you’d have to worry about contaminating the water supply, discoloring the surrounding area, or chipping the surface.

What Needs Washing?

Now is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor spaces for spring and summer gatherings. After winter’s wrath and a muddy early spring, there are many areas that could benefit from a thorough cleaning. Some of these spaces include:

  • Siding
  • Sidewalks
  • Decks
  • Concrete patios
  • Stones pathways
  • And more

When you schedule a power wash, one of our Veterans or Military family members will show up on time to apply the green solution, let it sit for several minutes (working its magic), and then use a low rinse system to wash the solution away with the dirt. Call 844-GET-JDOG today to discuss your next outdoor project so the celebration can continue.