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How to Clean Muddy Floors

When the Rain, Rain Just Won’t Go Away

mud stains on carpet

April showers may eventually bring flowers, but it also brings muddy floors. If you’re not careful, you could track dirt into your home, leaving caked mud and stains on hardwood, laminate, and (gasp) carpet. Even if you are careful, your active kids and pets may not be. Learn how to clean muddy floors and help prevent spring rain from causing headaches and hazards.

Preventing Muddy Problems

Tracked mud through your home is not only unsightly and unsanitary, but it can also create a slipping hazard and damage your flooring over time. However, there are ways to help prevent it from becoming a recurring issue.

  1. Place doormats outside and inside your entrances to trap mud and dirt before it reaches your floors. Clean them regularly by shaking out debris and rinsing with a hose.
  2. Encourage anyone who enters your home to remove their shoes at the door. Make it easy to remember by providing a designated area for storing outerwear by the entryway.
  3. Establish clear pathways through your yard using gravel, stepping stones, or another natural material that will reduce the amount of mud collected on your shoes.
  4. Set up a pet paw cleaning station near the entrance with towels and pet-safe wipes to limit the mess before they come inside.
  5. Protect high traffic areas with nonslip runners that easily capture dirt and moisture.

Dirty floors are inevitable, no matter what you do. You can still limit the mess and the damage with regular maintenance.

How to Clean Muddy Floors

While you shouldn’t have to deep clean your floors every day, there are still some easy ways to keep them looking fresh.

  • Regular sweeping and vacuuming helps prevent dirt and mud from building up and becoming harder to clean.
  • Immediately clean up any major mud cakes to prevent them from staining your floors.
  • Call a professional cleaning service to deal with extensive mud damage.

When you call JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care, you can trust we have the tools and expertise to clean your hardwood, laminate, or carpeted floors safely and effectively. Call 844-GET-JDOG today to schedule a cleaning to keep your floors mud-free and your home safer this spring.