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How to Identify Shower Grime

What to Look For

What Is the Black Stuff in My Shower?

If you see a stain on your shirt, do you reach right for the cleaning supplies, or do you identify what caused the stain first? Just like an unsightly mark on your clothing, before you can address shower grime, you need to figure out what it is. To identify shower grime, you will want to look at color, texture, and location.

How to Identify Shower Grime

There are many common types of shower grime that might show up in your bathroom:

  • Hard water: Hard water has higher than normal mineral content, like calcium and magnesium ions. When it evaporates, it leaves a grimy stain in your shower. It often looks dingy.
  • Mold: Mold is dark, often black or green, grime in your showers, especially found near corners, grout, and caulking. It develops where water doesn’t have the opportunity to dry.
  • Mildew: Mildew is musky-smelling grime you’ll find in showers and other humid areas of your home. It is typically gray or white.
  • Soap Scum: Soap scum is often white and filmy. It appears when fatty acids, talc, and other ingredients found in soaps and shampoo mix with your hard water.

The best way to prevent grime from building up in your shower is to make sure it has adequate airflow to dry. Some people choose to use a squeegee to get off as much water as possible. We also recommend using a daily shower cleaning spray to make your regular cleaning easier.

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