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Three Tips for Powerwashing Your Deck

Warning: Don't Power Wash These Things

It’s grilling and hosting season. Has your deck seen better days? Powerwashing your deck might be the right solution for cleaning up to make the space more enjoyable. This method cleans your deck with a mixture of a forceful water stream and cleaning chemical solution. People often choose to use a power washer because it uses less water than a traditional hose and requires less manpower. If you have a power washer or are renting one, here are some tips to make the job easier and more efficient.

Three Tips for Powerwashing Your Deck

Prep your space

It might seem easier to move furniture and your grill around the deck as you go, but you will be able to do a more thorough cleaning if you take everything off. It is also helpful to spray down the deck before you get started.

Choose the right settings

The pressure you need to wash your deck will likely not be more than 1,500 pounds per square inch. (Be aware this is a high enough force to damage wood, which is why we prefer soft power washing methods). Your hose should be set to a 40- to 60-degree angle.¬†Of course, read the manual from your power washer’s manufacturer for specific setting instructions.

Use the right motion

“Sweep” the deck, starting at your home and working the water stream toward the far side of the deck. This helps ensure there aren’t any missed spots, which will show when you are finished because the chemical solution does part of the work. You can “feather” your motion to help mask the starts and stops of the sweep. You do this by going over the overlap part with quick, small sweeping motions.

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