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How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet

Two Solutions You Can Make at Home

how to clean red wine stain on carpet

It’s one of those moments you wish you could turn back time. You accidentally tip over your glass as you’re reaching for the breadsticks, bump into someone else at the party, or the couch had a little more “give” than you thought. There’s now nice red wine stains to remind you of your clumsy glass-holding skills. Luckily, that stain can be short-lived with these tricks.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains

Step 1: Act Fast!

If you are able to take action immediately, grab a white cloth and lightly blot up the excess liquid. Pour a bit of cold water directly on the stain to dilute the remaining liquid. Blot again (using a clean cloth). Repeat this process until the cloth doesn’t change color anymore.

Step 2: Make Your Own Stain-Remover

Solution A: Baking soda. Make a paste of 3-parts water with 1-part baking soda. Apply it to the stained area, let it dry, and then vacuum it up. Repeat as necessary.

Solution B: Vinegar. Mix two cups of water, one tablespoon of vinegar, and one tablespoon of dish soap in a bowl. Use a sponge to apply the solution directly on the stain, and blot it dry. Repeat as necessary.

Step 3: Call JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care.

In addition to offering carpet cleaning services for your whole house, we offer additional services that tackle the toughest jobs, like red wine, ink, and pet stains. We take great care in choosing the right method to remove these persistent messes from the delicate areas of your home, whether it’s on your sofa, rug, or carpet. Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG for a free quote and to schedule a cleaning.