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Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Tips

8 Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Tips

For a More Efficient Cooking Season

During this time of year, kitchens see a lot of action. Many appliances get used, but how many get properly cleaned? Here are a few kitchen appliance cleaning tips to help ensure the room and tools gets the care and attention it deserves.

Cleaning the Fridge and Freezer

Cleaning the Fridge & Freezer

Make Room for More Leftovers

Prepare for holiday leftovers! Cleaning your fridge and freezer now not only clears it for the oncoming storage containers, but it helps ensure freshness and prevents illness. 

Guest Bathroom Tips

10 Tips to Make Your Guest Bath More Welcoming

What Goes In, What Stays Out

Before welcoming friends and family over this season, take a second look at the guest bathroom. Here are ten tips on what should and shouldn’t be in there.

Why Is My Grout Discolored?

Why Is My Grout Discolored?

Six Reasons This Might Be

No matter how many times you mop your floors, is your grout looking discolored? Learn some reasons that might be.

Can You Vacuum an Area Rug?

Can You Vacuum an Area Rug?

Three Considerations

Are you temped to vacuum your area rug while cleaning the rest of your flooring? Don't do it before you read this.