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Deodorizing Your Home for Spring

How to Get Rid of 3 Smelly Culprits

With the windows closed during the cold, winter season, your home could be trapping some lingering odors indoors. Before you fling the windows open to take advantage of the warmer weather, find out where that smell is coming from and start deodorizing your home for spring.

What’s that Smell?

There are some odors you can instantly place. A smelly trashcan could be from last night’s dinner. The laundry room could be filled with piles of sweaty laundry or the cat’s litterbox, and a bathroom…well, it’s the human’s litterbox. Typically, once these culprits are cleaned up, the odor dissipates. However, certain areas are often overlooked and can contribute to a lingering odor throughout your home, especially during the winter months when your house is sealed off from the cold. What are these areas, you ask?

  • Carpets: Over time, spills, pet accidents, and daily wear can trap odors in the fibers of your carpet. Quickly cleaning spills and regular vacuuming can help limit the odor. A deep clean is also recommended from time to time.
  • Furniture: Spills, crumbs, and general everyday use can create a less-than-pleasant atmosphere. Regular cleaning and vacuuming is also recommended, but sometimes a thorough upholstery cleanse is what’s needed.
  • Fabrics: From curtains to throw pillows, fabrics are notorious for holding onto scents. Refresh these neglected items with a proper wash, following their individual care directions. Try simply placing them in the sun for some fresh air.

Sometimes, the root of the smell is hidden underneath the item in question. Check under and around rugs and furniture for forgotten spills, crumbs, or pet accidents. These concealed spots can be a playground for odors to thrive, so be sure to move furniture during a cleaning, at least every once and a while.

Deodorizing Your Home for Spring

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a great time to open the windows and get cleaning. If you’re still smelling something funky after sweeping the house, maybe it’s time to call in the pros. Contact JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care to come help deep clean your carpets and upholstery. Our deodorizing services is just the thing your home needs to smell fresh and clean this season.